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My Walk this Week 137 – Quiet Quarry Walk

My walk this week takes place at first light in an old, quiet quarry and its surrounding landscape. The rocks were black with the wet weather and to begin with the atmosphere felt quite oppressive. However, things lightened and brightened as I ascended to the upper edge of the quarry and into a very mossy woodland.[spacer height=”10px”]
black quarry rock

The soundscape down in the dark confines of the quarry was still and my footsteps echoed in the amphitheatre of hewn rock, the small birds chirped and the crows cawed. Once I arrived at the top edge of the steep, dark slabs and could look over the Welsh landscape, the more distant sounds of life in the countryside opened up, but still it was relatively quiet.

Clambering back down a steep slope in the mossy woodland I came across a hole to the side of the footpath with a small notice above saying not to enter unless you are competent to do so and have adequate equipment. The geology of the area being limestone, there is a network of caves for enthusiasts to explore and another notice board near the edge of the lake (turlough) lower down the hill, shows the high water mark underground.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.



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  1. What a glorious area this is, Alastair. I especially like those black quarry rocks and mossy features. I liked your descriptions, too, and the experience as you went. Sometimes a trail area can feel not quite right, but then you walk through it and around it, become more intimate, and it has a way of becoming more pleasing to us. Thanks for bringing us along on this peaceful walk. My best to you for a lovely weekend and more beautiful walks….

    • Thanks very much Jet. Walking is one of my favourite therapies and when it is in a natural environment, the therapy is all the more effective. Glad you liked it

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