My walk this week is another early morning one – the moon was setting as I left the house and as I climbed up hill, the sun was just beginning to show its colours reflected on the clouds. I was on this hill, Cefn Drum, last week but on this occasion I was walking in the opposite direction and returned along its opposite side, looking down on Cwm Dulais.

early morning sky

The day promised to be brighter than last week but the clouds kept intervening and the light kept changing accordingly. It was still a beautiful walk and I had not covered part of the route before. Having always looked at the rocky ridge of Twyn Tyle from the far side of the valley, it was good to take a closer look at it and consider how I would not have wanted to be around there when some of those huge rocks fell to the ground below.

The soundscape for this walk must be similar to my walk last week, but there are differences – for instance, there are no cockerels crowing to welcome the day but there are buzzards calling above the valley.

Cefn Drum Cwm Dulais Soundscape

My visual and aural recording of the walk starts in the same place, looking across the landscape near the foot of Cefn Drum at a rusty shed. First it is in the dim light of dawn and on my return the brighter colours of full daylight appear.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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