Looking south from Pen y Fan

My Walk this Week 146 – Looking Back at the Mountains

My walk this week is one from the past and came to mind because the Welsh mountains it illustrates came up in a recent conversation. I hope to visit Pen-y Fan in the Brecon Beacons again later this year – or if not that mountain, perhaps a less busy location nearby. The images and sound clip were originally posted in May 2016.

Original Brecon Road

The sounds in the clip below are classic for this mountain area, and that includes the voices of other people. Pen-y Fan, being the highest of the Brecon Beacons and fairly accessible, attracts a lot of visitors, both local and from further afield. My own selfish preference is to have the mountains to myself and I know some excellent walks in the area where I am less likely to come across  the kinds of crowds that gather on a sunny Sunday afternoon on Pen-y-Fan.  I admire all those who do the climb though, especially when you see the footwear some of them climb in!

Even though the sound file is only 1:20 mins, I still recommend clicking the play button and then look through the images by clicking on the first and following through.

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