boats in Penzance harbour

My Walk this Week 147 – Back in Penzance and St Ives

My walk this week is from this time 6 years ago when we visited Penzance and St Ives on the most south western corner of Britain. I was very pleased to have the excuse to visit a part of the UK I had never seen before and about which I had heard so much.

Penzance seafront

As you can see from the blue sea in the images below, we were very lucky with the weather when at St Ives, and though windier in Penzance, that made the place no less enjoyable. The only thing I regret now is that I didn’t get any sound recording done while there – it would have provided me with an even clearer memory. Perhaps that is a good enough reason to visit again (as soon as I can find the time).

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  1. My partner lived for a while in St Ives in the 60s, in a house rated the smallest and thinnest facing the harbour; despite being there less than a year she was acquainted with Bernard Leach and Barbara Hepworth, an extraordinary period to have lived in. Last time we went, more than a score of years ago, it was clearly more touristy but there was still a very insular feel about the place.

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