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My Walk this Week 145 – West Wales Winter Wander

My walk this week is a Winter wander in the West Wales countryside around Narberth. There had been a layer of snow in the morning but by the time I was able to explore this footpath from the town, the sun had all but cleared it and the only evidence was a thin strip or two in the lee of lane-side hedges.

countryside footpath

I have visited the attractive town of Narberth on a number of occasions and the purpose of going has mostly been to view the exhibitions held in the excellent Oriel Q Gallery in the Queens Hall. I had a small exhibition of my tapestry weaving there at the end of 2017 and had hoped to have another, larger show this year. Unfortunately, while I was successful in my application for an Arts Council of Wales R & D grant, Oriel Q has lost its Arts Council funding and the future of the gallery its therefore in doubt, with only the support of volunteers to keep it going.

On this occasion I was pleased to get the opportunity to explore this footpath leading out into the surrounding countryside and completed a circuit, starting out in local woodland and returning along the small lanes and roads.

Countryside Walk Soundscape

The sound of running water is often a feature of the field recording I do in Wales. The lush footpath verges, dripping with moss and ferns as well as numerous rivulets running across my route, are unavoidable and one of the most cheering aspects of a walk like this.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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  1. Another fantastic walk, Alastair, thanks so much. I really love the cleverness of listening to the recording as we walk along viewing the surroundings portrayed in the photos. I pace it by the audio markings, try to hit the photos at the halfway point of the audio recording. Enjoyed hearing the birds, a ratchity one at the beginning, and then a chirpy one at about the two-minute point. Also liked the running water throughout the recording, this is such a comforting sound to me, indicating lushness. Of course the lushness of the grounds you walked, reflected in the photos, is glorious. As you say, moss and ferns everywhere. I like how the moss is labeled in your photos as “lying about,” “dancing,” and “standing.” Such a rich and lively place to walk. Sorry to hear the Oriel Q Gallery lost its Art Council funding, but congratulations on receiving the grant. Cheers, my friend, and many thanks for this tranquil walk.

    • Thanks very much Jet. As always, you are very kind. Trying to time the photos to the audio manually is a challenge. When producing a StillWalks video I have control over that, and so the audio becomes even more important as it is this that animated the still images. So pleased you enjoyed this walk

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