Worthing beach

My Walk this Week 148 – Summer in Winter on the South Coast

My walk this week takes place on a Summer day in Winter on the south coast of England. It was mid-February but the temperature reached over 20 degrees celsius!

Man and dog on beach

Staying overnight on the seafront in Worthing, we awoke to a beautiful, bright day and took time for a walk along the stony beach with its ageing, bleached wood groynes. The garish colours of a multi-storey car park on the road side were followed through and improved on the pier as it extended out onto the sands and mud revealed by the ebb tide.

We explored among the stanchions under the pavilion and found raggle-taggle sculptures created by seaweed, old hawsers and netting. Back on the beach the sculptures were more sophisticated in their finish, smoothed by the tide and wind as they were, to create forms that made me think of the sculptor Brancusi.

South Coast Soundscape

The soundscape for this walk is, as was anticipated, stony. However, knowing the beaches on the south coast to be like this, I was not expecting the tide to be so far out – the result was that the stony sound is one of my feet and others walking along the loose surface with some difficulty, instead of the expected crunch of crashing waves on pebbles.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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    • Thank you Chris. Could you see/feel the connection as I did? There must have been one, at least in my head as his name came to mind straight away.

      • Once you mentioned it I saw it, though Brancusi’s artwork I only know in passing, as sculpture (and especially early 20th-century sculpture) is not a field I’m really au fait with except in a generalised way.

  1. Loved walking on the gravel-crunching beach of Worthing today, Alastair. Enjoyed the soundscape immensely, so calm with the walking, crunching, and frequent gull calls. Beautiful sights, the netting, piers, other parts of the beach. How fortunate that you scored a beautiful day for your walk on the beach. Thanks so much, Alastair, always a complete pleasure.

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