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My Walk this Week 154 – Golden Grove, Gelli Aur

My walk this week was at Golden Grove or Gelli Aur as we call it in Wales. It was particularly enjoyable because the park has been closed for the last five years or so and it was wonderful to be able to wander round it again.

Golden Grove

Although the arboretum is only accessible if you pay, the rest of the park, even without being able to walk the circuit through the arboretum and the deer enclosure, it is still a beautiful place to visit. The cafe has opened again too and is serving some very nice home made food.

I only had my phone with me for photography and recording purposes and while I prefer my DSLR camera, my phone is a very useful back up which I always have with me.

Gelli Aur Sample Sound

I didn’t attempt to record enough with my iPhone to create a soundscape for the place as without wind protection, it is prone to create rumble. However, the birdsong I caught in the area most obviously a grove, was a very enjoyable reminder that Spring is here.

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  1. What a gorgeous place — both in sight and sound. Thank you for inviting us to accompany you on this wonderful walk, Alastair.

    • Thank you Heide. We are so pleased it has been opened again and that I can again bring people to it either in reality or virtually.

  2. A true delight, as always Alastair, being in this park with you and the sweet melodies of the birds. Wonderful springtime photos of the fresh surroundings, the lichen, burgeoning greens, pussy willows, enjoyed hearing the trickling stream and really like the unfurling fern photo. That mossy rock that looks like ribs is very cool. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you Jet. I enjoy the birdsong and calls of our year round native birds – perhaps in particular the gulls and robins. But in the Spring when they are all sending out their calls, it is truly amazing. I guess the blackbird and the song thrush then become two of my favourites. Golden Grove is a particularly good place to hear them all. Very pleased you enjoyed it.

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