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My Walk this Week 160 – Changing Forest

upper forest footpath

upper forest footpath

Changing Forest – My walk this week is one I have been putting off for a few months. This is due to the knowledge that the coniferous area of the woodland was being harvested. I always knew that the trees would be felled some day, and the red paint markings on some of them was evidence that it was going to be sooner rather than later – but it still makes me sad to see the trees go.

On a brighter note, these trees will be replaced with native deciduous trees (so I understand) and although I am unlikely to be around to appreciate them, for now I can enjoy the wonderful new view of the valley.

There are still more trees to be taken down but even so, there will be enough of the rest of the woodland for me to continue enjoying walks there. Most importantly for me, the deep interior part of the woods where I was standing when I received the news last year that my parents had died, is still there and will continue to be.

Forest Change Soundscape

The changing forest brings with it changing sounds. In spite of the mechanical grabber collecting cut logs from the devastated ground, the birds were singing louder and in greater numbers than had previously been the case in the quieter, more subdued atmosphere that comes with a coniferous woodland. This brought to mind how many creatures and plants will have had their lives changed and what may have meant death for some also means life for others.

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    • Thank you Cindy. I was so nervous about what I would find, knowing they had been cutting the trees down, it was a huge relief to still find beauty there.

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