My walk this week is in the mid-summer mist of the Swansea uplands known as The Mawr. The sun was shining the day before!

The last time I visited Penlle’r Castell at the highest point on The Mawr, the weather was different to what I was expecting on this occasion in mid Summer – you can see it here ! Uplands are unpredictable landscapes at any time of year I guess. The main difference between then and now was the temperature and the horse flies loved the humidity created by the summer heat and misty moisture. They also loved my exposed flesh and by the time I got back to the car, I leapt inside without packing away any of my recording kit.

Penlle’r Castell Soundscape

This soundscape is a subtle one so you may want to use headphones. It was very peaceful and still up there on the hills with just a gentle breeze and the occasional sound of a distant animal. But the quiet ambience of the place has its own unique quality and if it weren’t for the horse flies, I would have stayed there a lot longer.

So click the play button above for a listen and then the first image below to see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case click the Visit button via the … menu or open in your mobile’s internet browser).

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