My Walk this Week – Weather on The Mawr

Mist on The Mawr

My walk this week is on the Swansea Uplands again. The weather on The Mawr (pronounced the same as “power”) can be unpredictable, but at least you can be sure that it is unpredictable! Crossing the area on my way home from an unproductive production day, I stopped in a small lay-by and took a walk up the hill to my left. It wasn’t raining or snowing at the time – in fact it had cleared quite nicely and I could see a vague track going straight upwards towards a half hidden way marker.

So off I set with my waterproofs on . . . Half way up the mist began to descend and I paused for thought. The path was clearer than it had originally appeared and it was still straight, and I also had a compass with me, so I checked my bearings and decided to carry on. And I’m glad I did – the clouds were swirling around and about and the mists alternately descended and lifted again, so the surrounding landscape was never completely hidden from me.

At the start of my journey home I had no expectation of it clearing at all!



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  1. Yet another very magical walk. I look forward to exploring some of these landscapes in the future, thanks to your photos!

    • Thanks Wade. I’m pleased to say that we do get sunshine here as well occasionally. The last few days have been lovely, though the rain is back just now lol

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