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My Walk this Week 176 – Edging Along Land and Sea

My walk this week comes from the break I had last month and explores the edge of land and sea with rough rocks and calm waters along with the sounds of coastal and mud-loving birds.

rocks and water

I set out along the country lanes of the south west Scottish coast, enjoying the backdrop of the Galloway hills and the textural details of the verges. From a broad beach, empty except for myself and a solitary crow, I explored the nooks and crannies of the rocky shoreline with quiet views across an almost flat calm  bay.

The crow’s mate waited patiently on an outcrop of rock and I edged along the steeper sections of a narrow footpath to return to my starting point with my route punctuated by calls of curlews and oystercatchers standing out from the smaller birds inhabiting the windblown coastal hawthorns.

Shoreline Soundscape

The sounds I recorded on my phone on this walk required some cleaning up and the result is not ideal. However, I did manage to record some wonderful curlew calls on my field recorder during my break and I will include those in another post.

In the meantime click the play button or soundscape title above to listen and then the first image below to see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case click the Visit button via the … menu or open in your mobile’s internet browser).


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