Talaterra Podcast featuring StillWalks

Something extra  for anyone interested in knowing more about me, my work with sound and StillWalks.

Tania Marien from Talaterra interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. You can listen to the podcast at either of the links below:

Talaterra Website
Host site (Simplecast)


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  1. I listened to the first 8 minutes, Alastair, and really enjoyed hearing about your early and ongoing discoveries with the healing beauty of nature. It was a great treat to hear your voice, after these past years of exchanging written posts and your sound bytes, but never your voice, accent, inflection, or vocabulary. Thanks so much for sharing this interview, and congratulations on being featured, what an honor.

    • Thank you Jet – it was quite an in depth interview but, you know, if you have a lifetime to spare ….! My accent is a mixture of all the UK nations – born in Scotland, grew up in Northern Ireland, trained and married in England and living and working in Wales.

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