My Walk this Week 225 – Wave Watching

My walk this week brings a change of weather on my holiday in Scotland and with that change I have been doing some wave watching.

To be fair, this wild and windy day was one of only a couple of days like this in the whole fortnight. Also, where we are in south west Scotland, weather like this is just another form of entertainment.

My iPhone does not take kindly to the amount of wind blowing on this day so I am sorry for the abysmal sound quality, but this is a wild and wonderful place!


You may consider these videos similar but the waves and their rhythms I find mesmerising.

All posted from my phone again!

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  1. Ahhhhh. Just like home! And here on Whidbey Island, Washington we also consider weather another form of entertainment. Well done *&* traveling mercies.

    • Thank you Diane. If I included a photo of this, our last day here, you would see the sun shining again. It’s noticeably cooler however brrr!

      • Well if you live near the sea then you’re just the luckiest. Some of us have to travel far to finally get a glimpse of the sea and the beach. ☺️

        • I have always lived by the coast and wonder if that is why I feel as I do – it has a sense of being part of my home. Or perhaps that is something that goes much deeper in the psyche- where we originally came from? Living in Britain, I have never experienced being all that far from the sea as it is quite a small island really.

          • I tell you are lucky to live in close proximity to the ocean. And that you can go wave watching whenever your heart desires. ️

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