My Walk this Week 225 – Wave Watching

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  1. Ahhhhh. Just like home! And here on Whidbey Island, Washington we also consider weather another form of entertainment. Well done *&* traveling mercies.

    • Thank you Diane. If I included a photo of this, our last day here, you would see the sun shining again. It’s noticeably cooler however brrr!

      • Well if you live near the sea then you’re just the luckiest. Some of us have to travel far to finally get a glimpse of the sea and the beach. ☺️

        • I have always lived by the coast and wonder if that is why I feel as I do – it has a sense of being part of my home. Or perhaps that is something that goes much deeper in the psyche- where we originally came from? Living in Britain, I have never experienced being all that far from the sea as it is quite a small island really.

          • I tell you are lucky to live in close proximity to the ocean. And that you can go wave watching whenever your heart desires. ️

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