My Walk this Week 224 – Away with Peace and the Birds

My walk this week comes from Scotland and it is not so much a walk as a simple record of the stillness, peace and quiet we have been experiencing in this first week away.

Three short iPhone videos tell the story – listen out for the cries of curlews in the evening – there is nothing else like them.


Post and all videos/images created on my phone.

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  1. Thanks so much, Alastair, for taking us along to the Scottish seaside. I enjoyed each of the videos, liked the wingbeats in the second video, and the ocean sounds in the first. But yes, I really liked hearing your curlews. I looked up the species, because its call sound is very different than ours here in the U.S. Scotland’s curlew species is the Eurasian, whereas our most prevalent curlew here is the long-billed. What a wonderful sound your curlews have. In the distance I heard another curlew responding. Wonderful post, my friend, and enjoy your peace and beauty there in Scotland.

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