My Walk this Week 248 – End of the Day

My walk this week was a much needed one towards the end of the day – a day on which I had spent all my time on the computer.

It is the sounds enjoyed on this walk that are most important to me but the images and video give a visual context to it as well.

The robin and the blackbird seem to be having a conversation Рand the sheep have something to say too.

Birds and Sheep

The walk took me up a familiar footpath where I noticed things I hadn’t really paid attention to previously – such as the arboreal elbow of a tree or the integration of another tree and old build wall. Perhaps I should describe this as a take over of man-made by natural.

And from my elevation with views I descended a steep track to the valley floor and the river I have so often featured here.

Click the play button for the sound file and then the first image to view the images in sequence.

Landscape, river and route
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  1. Have to watch your step on that rocky path! I almost always walk first thing in the morning. That way I’m sure to get it in, it starts my day on the right foot (so to speak), and I get to be out at dawn. ūüôā


  2. Positively enchanting! That sweet melodic serenading of the birds was a delightful start to the walk, Alastair. I have never heard your UK robin, and what a magical sound. You mentioned the blackbird, too, and I think I distinguished that sound too. This time I got to the gate photos just as you were opening it, perfectly synchronized. I heard a car too. I enjoyed the sights, espec. those marvelous tree roots taking over the bricks and wall. Then I was completely dazzled by all the bleating sheep. Absolutely wonderful! The crunching footsteps and the final creaky gate, also a joy. I was trying to picture what you were carrying with you on this walk to get such wonderful audio recording. I know you have professional equipment. Were you carrying one of those big, clear sound disks and microphone? Also enjoyed the video and every single photo. Thanks so much, Alastair.

    • Thank you Jet. I am so pleased you enjoyed this. The sounds were great to hear but I didn‚Äôt have a parabolic mic or any other high end kit with me. I was frustrated not to have brought either my camera or recorder. It was just my iPhone! Fortunately the wind was hardly there at all and I was able to do some effective post production to keep things as clean as possible.

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