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My Walk this Week 251 – Estuary Circuit

My walk this week is a circular one with the circuit including the Loughor Estuary and salt marsh on my doorstep and also an old quarry which for many years has been a neglected nature reserve.

The space of the estuary was as enjoyable as ever and although it cannot be heard in the video below, I can say that I heard curlews calling as well as the range of other birds enjoying the watery habitat of the river and marsh.

As my walk extended my route took me past an old quarry that I have only tried exploring once before. On that occasion, later in the year, the tangle of brambles made it impossible to get more than a few metres into the neglected reserve. However, those same brambles are not so thick just now and although it was still a bit of a fight to make any progress, I was able to get a better idea of what the place is like.

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  1. I so enjoyed this quarry reserve walk, Alastair. The video clip was serene and lovely, and I although I could not hear the curlews, as you predicted, I almost could with your prompting. I did hear the crows, and that was wonderful. I find that arched bridge so attractive. Your photos of the field and greenery are delightful, and the rocks are so beautiful. They look slate-like. Thanks so very much.

    • Thank you Jet. It is so good to know the curlews are on the estuary, even though I couldn’t prove it with a recording. I shall be revisiting the old quarry/nature reserve in a couple of weeks with a DSLR rather than my phone so watch out for that as well. Thanks again

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