The valley below

My Walk this Week 252 – A Walk Up the Valley

On my walk this week I didn’t attempt to document my walk up the valley – I went for the walk and nothing else. But then, as so often happens, I got distracted by all the wonderful aspects of there environment around me – in particular the river.

So I took some video showing various elements of the water flow and the changing associated sounds and then continued on my way.

The mossy dead tree below points the way of the river flow (just in case you weren’t sure), but it wasn’t until I climbed up the eastern slope of Cefn Drum that I took one or two more snaps on my phone. These include the curious object I found lying at the track side – does anyone have any idea what it may once have been.

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    • Yes Sandra, old rubber of some sort. My best guess is that it some remnant from a piece of farm machinery but it is not unheard of for whole cars to be dumped up there ….. well, who knows?

  1. The sound of water is so relaxing…as long as it’s not in your home. 🙂 I’m thinking primitive armor for the object. 🙂 Something obviously got through the links and the warrior paid the ultimate price for not making it completely closed.


  2. I so enjoy coming to your site, Alastair, because here on the Island we have very little running water. Where I lived before I could walk along several rivers & enjoy the salmon spawning in the spring. So this little is more than pleasant.
    I used to take a subscription to Yankee Magazine published in New Hampshire. Every month there would be a photo of some implement or other & an explanation of what we were looking at.
    Your particular item looks like it might have been movable once upon a time. Fish gate? Thresher? Dragon teeth?

    • Thank you Diane. There are other places in the world I could imagine living but those areas without trees, hills, water – I think my choice would be to stay here in Wales where we have it all My guess about the curious object is that it is part of some farm machinery, though in Wales it could easily be dragon teeth. Thank you again for visiting.

    • Thank you Diane. The different textures, patterns and moods of the flow of both water and sound is what I liked about it. Glad you enjoyed

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