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My Walk this Week 256 – Going Up the Uplands

My walk this week is up the uplands, or to give them their local name, The Mawr. I love The Mawr! It is an expansive area of moorland occupied by skylarks, pheasants and judging from this walk, badgers and / or foxes. I am sure there are many, many more creatures living there but one creature that is perhaps there in fewer numbers is human beings. That makes me sound anti-social I guess, but I’m not – perhaps I’m just greedy for space!

Twyn Tyle escarpment

For those locals that may be interested and are under the impression that the escarpment shown in the video above is part of Pontarddulais (or Bont) Mountain, I would like to correct the names being used for this element of our landscape. Thanks to a mistake by GoogleMaps, the names of this small mountain and the one next to it are incorrect. The mountain featured in the video is Twyn Tyle and the one becoming known as Bont Mountain is in fact named Cefn Drum. It seems that only the elders of our community know this but it is something GoogleMaps needs to fix – the names are correct on the Ordnance Survey maps. There now, that’s my short rant over.

I am sure you can see from the photos below what it is I love about this landscape. I am sorry there is no soundscape to accompany the images, but trust me, the sound was there – wind, skylarks, more wind, more skylarks . . . and so on 😉

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  1. I’m with you on the less people thing and I’m not at all anti-social. I always hope lots of others take advantage of the great outdoors…just at a time when I’m not there. 🙂


  2. I so enjoyed this week’s walk, Alastair. And now I, too, love the Mawr. What beautiful escarpments all stretched out over the landscape, picturesque rocks and outcroppings, and such a vast stretch of land and open skies. Interesting that Google Maps got it all wrong, and rather fun to hear your “rant,” to use your word. I can imagine it does get pretty windy up there, as you say, and some of the trees reflect it in their wind-blown postures. Great find to discover the badger setts, and a word (sett) that I was unfamiliar with. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your words, photos and video.

    • Thank you Jet. I do t often go so far up the valley floor to see the escarpment from below. I love their greenish colour. Fortunately I also like the wind as it is rarely calm and still up there. So pleased you enjoyed it too.

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