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My Walk this Week – Old Copperopolis Part 1a and an Argument For Nature

My walk this week is the first stage of my visual exploration of local nature and an old and world renown aspect of Swansea’s history – Copperopolis. Click the link if you would like to know more about that history. In the past I have only photographed elements of this industrial history and the nature overtaking it from across the River Tawe and it was good to take the opportunity to look a bit closer at how nature takes over all that we leave behind.

through the trees

It is good to see how little impact we have on the the natural world, at least in the longer term of our lifespans – even multiple generations of our lives are only a snippet of time in the life of the planet or universe. It is also exciting to see the “inner workings” and patterns and textures of the skeletal structures of these old working buildings.

There is no question that we have an impact on the nature around us but where there is a negative effect from this, in terms of nature itself, we are the ones that ultimately suffer as a result – my point being that we would be very much better off if we were to work with nature rather than against it.

There are thousands of urban trees currently being cut down in cities throughout the UK and without wanting to get into the politics and economics of this act of vandalism (in my opinion), I cannot see the benefit, in any terms, that doing this brings to anyone. I have looked at the arguments, excuses and professed reasoning but they all mean nothing against the benefits we gain from nature in urban areas.


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  1. I can’t help but think the messages about a living environment being essential for our survival as a species still aren’t getting through to those that need to hear them.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I put a 12 Sec video of trees being cut down in Swansea on FB and it got 8.5k views but it’s all by sympathisers and the trees are all cut down now . I thought about chaining myself to one of them but didn’t want to get arrested.

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