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The Nature of Copperopolis – Part 1b

Exploring one of Swansea’s old industrial areas on my walk this week, I am focused on how nature continues to take over Copperopolis. The old Hafod-Morfa Copperworks has plants growing out of its walls now – it closed down in 1980 and nature seems to be doing a fairly efficient job of reclamation as 1980 doesn’t seem all that long ago to me (I must be getting old!).

footpath to history

But the wall plants weren’t the only things of interest as the shapes, patterns and textures of the old walls were also caught my eye. From the shapes of particular stones to the recesses left by cross beams, the strange rough/smooth texture of salts seepage to the immensity of one of the structures, I was excited by so much on my short tour of this piece of Swansea’s past that I decided to spread the walk posts across two weeks!

Hafod Copper Works

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