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My Walk this Week – Art and Design in Leeds

My walk this week in Leeds is my vehicle for showcasing my daughter’s work as a jewellery artist – Hannah Duncan Creations. I say “artist” because the work she designs is her means of expression, but she is a great craftsperson as well. The collection she delivered recently to the Craft Centre and Design Gallery includes work based on the rocky coastlines of Britain and in some pieces the very sand from the beaches forms a part of the work.

Leeds Art Gallery

The image below is an example of Hannah’s work and if you would like to see more please visit her website at Hannah Duncan Creations.

Hannah Duncan Creations

Hannah Duncan Creations

Our recent travels to York (see last weeks walk posts) allowed us to help Hannah out and visit Leeds on our way home.  The day was beautifully sunny and our walk to the City Art Gallery and the Design Centre below it was bright and bustling on this Spring day.

I didn’t take any photos along the way as I was focusing more on following our route but the wide open space of Victoria Square gave me a chance to enjoy the patterns of light and shade created by the architecture and the pollarded trees . . . but more of those later in the week.

There are a couple of examples of other artists work from the Design Gallery below and below that there are also two VR shots. Instructions to view them are below.

If you are familiar with the (very cheap) Google Cardboard or have one of these devices then you can download and import the two VR scenes below by clicking the image on your iPhone or Android phone and then selecting “Save to app” and the Cardboard Camera app will allow you to enjoy 360º scene. The quality is not fantastic but it does give a good sense of being there.

Update – Hannah’s jewellery is also currently included in the Enamelling Today exhibition at 78 Derngate, Northampton until 1st July – see below.

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  1. Kudos to your daughter We also have a daughter who’s an artist. It can be difficult to make a living, but if that’s who they are, it’s what they have to do. 🙂


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