My Walk this Week, Past Walks 4 – Park and Marshes Evening Light

Evening in the oak wood

My walk this week is from June 2011. One of the great things about Summer is the evening light and the opportunity to walk in it. Judging from the collection of images I had to choose from for this weeks posts, I suspect I didn’t go out specifically to take photos, but I must have had my camera with me. Sometimes I make a point of not taking my camera but when I do this I often end up frustrated. However good my phone camera is, I still prefer to use the DSLR.

Our local park has an oak wood which looks as though it is much older than it is because the tree trunks are so twisted – they are wonderful trees and everyone loves them! One of the main differences in these woods between 2011 and now is that in May and June there are many, many more bluebells thanks to the efforts of the #friendsofcoedbach.

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    • Thanks Wade – I made the mistake many years ago of thinking these woods were 500 years old, not the 50 years that they are. I am sure you can understand how I made the mistake.

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