Dorset Wind – Reviewing the Walk

Dorset walk

My walk this week has been from June 2012 and features the Dorset wind. I don’t know to what extent the wind has been apparent to anyone viewing the photos for this walk that I have posted through the week, but the soundscape below should give a sense of time as well as place. By time I mean that bringing the images and sounds together better describes the conditions of the walk at the time it was taken.

Similar conditions will have existed since then and will do again, but none can be exactly the same. The sights and sounds of this walk are uniques to the day, the hours, even the moments that they were recorded. Click the play button and then look through the sequence of selected images.

Dorset Windy Walk Soundscape

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  1. I so enjoyed this Dorset walk, Alastair. The recording was wonderful, as always, and your accompanying photos were a great visual. I really love the gate opening and closing at each end of the walk, and although we do not have many gates like this on our trails where I live, whenever I go through a gate now, I think of you. The strong winds were also a pleasant presence on the walk, the sound and the blowing thistle and leaf photos. Thank you.

    • Thanks very much Jet. Sorry for the delayed response – I have just returned from a quite windy holiday in Scotland. The sound of gates on a walk is a key factor in my StillWalks videos and I love them. Look out (and listen) for the posts in a few weeks time 😉

    • Thank you Amy – I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I don’t often get to that part of the country but I am always pleased to go when the opportunity arises.

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