My Walk this Week – Valley Walks 1

For my walk this week I am looking at the first of three valley walks taken in the same place in the past week during which the weather changed dramatically from one day to the next.

view over valleys

On this first walk the weather was good – calm and fairly bright. I was keen to walk this route for two reasons: 1. It was half term and the walk to the foot of the valley, being devoid of school children was quiet and 2. The entirety of the route was not going to be open to me in the near future as the access road for a new wind farm is being constructed.

I am in favour of the wind farm but the access road is going to be a bit of an intrusion over period of construction. However, it only closes off a part of the footpath and there are alternatives that can be used.

Thinking of power generation and distribution, one of the most distinctive elements of this first walk was the sound the parallel lines of electricity pylons were making as they marched off into the distance to distribute their energy over the National Grid. Often these metal giants bring a fizzling tickety sound to the valley ambience but on this day they seemed particularly excited! You’ll be able hear this at the end of the week when I post the soundscape for the walk (and a link to an explanation).

Cwm Dulais Pylon

fence mess

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