Pony Portraits

Pony portraits became the order for the day at this point on my walk this week, the first of three on this valley route up Cwm Dulais. I met a number of ponies en route – not only are they frequently curious about whoever is passing by, they also seem happy to have their photographs taken.

Valley Ponies

This walk route is also used by riders but I see them less often than the ponies and horses themselves. That doesn’t mean I won’t stop and chat to the ponies and horses if not the riders. They always seem so friendly!

bay pony

grey pony portrait

I must excuse myself for being lazy and not either avoiding or taking out the barbed wire fence in front of the grey pony.

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  1. I think they do like their picture taken. I had horses walked to me when I was taking photos at the ranch.
    These are beautiful photos!

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