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One Amongst Many

One amongst many refers both to the one black leaf of the family on the forest footpath and also to this, the fourth of my walks this week and a return to a local woodland.

This is one of my most frequent local walks . . .  and every time it is different! Whether it be the time of year or the current weather conditions, and even if the same objects are there each time, I still get a fresh look at them, perhaps enjoy them from a different angle, under different light conditions, or whatever.

I took my habitual photo looking up the valley before entering the woods and again, at the top of the walk, I looked out across the Welsh landscape to the Loughor Estuary and beyond to the Gower Peninsula.

My soundscape this week is not an aural illustration of this or any of the other local walks I have posted about this week but it is typical of the sounds I hear in the forest. 

I don’t often see the buzzards that can be heard in the clip – or the other birds for that matter, but their calls tell me they are there. 

Forest Soundscape

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    • Thank you The horse shoe is interesting because I thought it was French thinking that hung them that way round so the good luck cannot escape and that in the UK we hung them the other way up so that the good luck could not fall out. Do you think the Welsh side with the French on this or does it just take fewer nails to hang it this way up?

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