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My Walk this Week – Our Gower Project Walk 1, Salt Marsh

My walk this week follows on from the project recce walk I posted about at the end of September. That was the recce – for the real walk we had to change the route as the ground underfoot had become non-negotiable for walking with a group following high tides and wet weather.

Salt Marshes

And the wet weather was a big part of the walk experience for the pupils we were taking out to experience the wonderful expanse of the salt marshes of the Loughor Estuary and Burry Inlet on the North Gower coast in Wales. Starting at Weobley Castle where they produce the delicious salt marsh lamb, everyone donned the wellington boots provided for them.

One of the purposes of the walk was to record the environment using mobile technology, i.e. mobile phones and iPads and so I used the same for my own record of the event. Organised by Swanse’s Nature Conservation Team and working with myself from StillWalks, Charlotte from Gower Unearthed and with the support of the school teachers, the pupils took photographs and video, recorded sound and made written notes about this unique place, their reaction to it and thoughts about it. Later on they will be working in school with writers and myself to produce personal audio/visual responses that will be presented online to their peers and to the world.

Most importantly these walks are an opportunity to get young people out into a natural, wild environment, enjoying it for all that it offers and encouraging them to explore again in the future. There is no doubt that, in spite of the weather, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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