Watching the river

Watching the River

The third of my local walks this week is along the banks of our main local river – the River Loughor. I fought my way across the marsh and through dense brambles and knotweed on one side to reach a point on the eastern bank I hadn’t stood at before.

Oak leaves and river

On finding I wasn’t able to get far along the river due to the brambles, I retraced my steps and crossed the bridge to explore along the western bank at another part of the river I had only seen before, but not walked along.It turned out there are a couple of stages on the river that could almost be called rapids, albeit very gentle rapids.

The River Loughor is not always so gentle by any means and the abandoned building below was originally a hotel and pub. After changing to a restaurant for a while the couple of floods that occurred during heavy rain and high tides, wiped out the business and so now it stands with peeling paint and rusting ashtrays and rotting wood. I am sorry to see it as it is now as it used to be a good pub with a garden by the river where jazz music was played in the Summer and the town’s Christmas lights were lit each year. Times change I guess, partly influenced by the changing climate.

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    • Ah yes, there’s nothing like an abandoned building – unfortunately this one is right at the entrance to the town in a very prominent position and doesn’t give the most positive impression to visitors.

    • Lol I haven’t had one of those in a while now – very remiss of me … or the squeaky gate authorities are allowing wanton use of oil by unscrupulous walkers.

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