Out Around the River Ouse – Reviewing the Walk

My walk this week, titled as it is – “Out Around the Ouse”- suggests that there might have been more images of the river expected than there actually has been. But my circular route started by heading for the river.

leaf and shade

Heading away from York City meant that there was more tree and plant life along the riverbanks and in turn this meant the footpath didn’t follow the river quite so close to the edge as it does heading into town (as in a previous walk a few weeks ago). So there are only a couple of shots of the river itself and as it is flowing quite slowly on this occasion, there are no sounds that can be directly identified as being the river.

However, it is an important element of the environment of the walk and must inevitably contribute to the resonance, tone, pitch and every other aspect of sound being produced around it.

So here is a list of twelve sounds to be listened for in the soundscape below. They are not in order of appearance and my image selection from the walk does not necessarily depict these aural identities. You may find it helpful to listen through headphones.

  1. Bird of prey  2. Bonfire crackle  3. Conversation  4. Crow  5. Cyclist  6. Drain cover  7. Footsteps in grass  8. Hammering  9. Humming  10. Lawnmower  11. Leaves rattling  12. Light aircraft

Some are easier than others to hear but they are all definitely there in the soundscape. What do you score on your first listen?

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    • Thanks Allysse. One of the best sounds, I thought, was the drain cover being driven over by cars and receding into the background as I walked down Chapel Alley. Did you manage to pick out all the listed sounds?

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