Solar Attempt

On this first of three consecutive walks in my local valley of Cwm Dulais, as I returned down one of the lanes towards home, there was what I can only describe as a solar attempt. The sun tried repeatedly to break through the clouds that had blown in gradually as I continued my walk, but alas, was unable to make a lasting impression and it was only by diligent timing and patience that I managed to get this shot.

sun and clouds

Sun or no sun, the walk was enjoyable. I find it fascinating to observe the small differences (sometimes big) in the environment on a day to day basis. While this walk had it’s own character, the next two walks in the same place which I will post about over the next two weeks, were distinctly different.

River Camffrwd and bridge

old bracken and lane


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  1. I, too, enjoy the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the same setting, Alastair. Beautiful place, and I like your words “solar attempt.”

    • Thanks Jet. I don’t write a huge amount in my posts but I do enjoy trying to find suitable ways of expressing myself. Glad you liked it

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