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If StillWalks is to survive . . . Following a similar model to that taken by some bands in the music industry, I have added a Donate button to the StillWalks website and blog. I must at least try this, if StillWalks is to survive.

The StillWalks Donate button – click now for a quick and easy way to get the currently featured StillWalks video in high quality full length and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Pay as little or as much as you would like or as much as you think it is worth and you will receive a link to download a high quality, full length version of the currently featured StillWalks video. Videos will be changed on a weekly basis and showcased on the blog.

Paypal button

This week’s featured StillWalks video is Troserch Woodland Walk. You can view the sample video on the blog or the website.

The advantages of ownership

      • Higher quality
      • No waiting for video to load
      • No stuttering video due to low internet band width
      • Transfer or download to a mobile device
      • Enjoy anytime, anywhere

The music industry and musicians have been struggling for some time now to find new ways of selling their product to us. We are all familiar with the reason for this – the free or virtually free availability of music via the internet. One of the approaches taken by some bands to move with the times, has been to offer their music for as much as people are willing to pay for it.

StillWalks cannot survive on goodwill alone and much as I would love to give away all the videos at full length and in full High Definition (HD), it takes time and skill to produce them and so, like the musicians, I am exploring all avenues with regard to generating revenue in order to continue StillWalks production. All donations are welcome and you will always receive the current featured video to download for use on your computer, laptop or mobile device (copyright restrictions apply).

Starting today, if you click the donate button and make any donation to StillWalks, small or large, you will receive a link to download a high resolution, full length version of the latest StillWalks video. Videos will be changed on a weekly basis and showcased on the blog.

If there is a particular one you would like, then it will still be available through the buy now system on the website but if you would like to quickly and easily build a collection of these beautiful, relaxing and unique videos, just click the donate button now.

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