Proportion, Perspective and Atmosphere

Talking about images rather than roads, it is up to you whether or not you stick to the “rules”, but it is so often said that “rules are made to be broken”, it is almost a rule in itself that you shouldn’t stick to them!

I have used the “rule” of thirds (approximately) in the first two images below and each presents to me a different atmosphere and perspective. My personal preference is for the second shot but “to each his own”. Do you have a preference?

The “thirds” rule is broken in the third shot but the focus is on (or at least my attention was drawn to) the arc of a dog’s paw prints across the beach. I hope I have managed to frame the shot successfully. The eye follows the arc of prints and is brought neatly to a stop with the change in direction of the horizontal structure on the beach and the punctuation mark of the man – who presumably owns the invisible dog! The small proportion of land and sky simply to give the scene some geographical context.

Swansea Beach

Swansea Beach

Swansea Beach

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    • Thanks. I suppose I might prefer a different one on another day – but that would just prove my fickleness, so maybe not. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with changing you mind – or is there 😉

      • That’s ok. These things happen. I think WordPress is great but I have given up trying to fathom why certain things happen. It often seems to be after an update by them but that is the nature of things isn’t it – fix one thing and something else goes wrong! Thanks for following me again.

  1. I am so sorry I have missed so much of your wonderful work. Somehow, I was not getting emails when you posted anymore!! When I went into the reader, though, there you were. I am going to unfollow you and then follow you again. Hopefully that will fix the problem!! I hope you are doing well. 🙂

    • Thanks – it was there and I saw it. Initially, when I was framing the shot, I wanted the man in the distance to move on as he was breaking the horizontal line in the sand. Then I realised that he was of benefit not only to the composition but also to the story by linking the paw prints to the invisible dog.

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