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My Walk this Week – Dorset Garden, An Alternative View

Without identifying where this place is other than the English county of Dorset, I thought I would take an alternative view of of the garden as I walked around it. I was attracted by some of the details and in particular the old watering cans and wood, metal containers and mossy walls.

Dorset garden

It is late Autumn and the rose hips are getting tired – the garden is preparing for Winter and the cosy covering of moss on the walls or contained in bracketed buckets makes the place feel well wrapped against any of the cold that will come. We don’t really get very cold Winters in Britain nowadays, but just once in a while the snow will fall and the green blanket of moss changes to white. I can only imagine what Dorset looks like under the snow but I suspect it is beautiful. I’ll continue this walk on Wednesday as usual.

The monochrome image at the end of the sequence below can also be seen in Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness blog post MM 4.29.

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