Round Stones in a Sea of Rectangles

One of the strangest things on my walk this week at the foot of the cliffs along the South Wales shore between Nash Point and Monknash, were the smooth round stones nestled in amongst the rectangular rocks of the wave platform pavement. I almost expected them to be polished to a shine in the same way that gem stones are made smooth and reflective for display. The wave action of tumbling the stones against the harder rocks of the pavement has produced a fascinating juxtaposition of forms. Speaking of which, having walked across such an expanse of wave platform, it was then a surprise to come upon a wide area of beautifully smooth sand!



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    • Thank you. Even the old engine has been affected by the erosion of the waves with them taking away the hard sharp edges. Nothing can withstand the power of nature!

    • Thanks Allysse. They are cool aren’t they. People who are familiar with the place obviously know they are there, but even though we had been to this part of the coast before, we had not seen this aspect of it and so it was a fantastic surprise to find such forms in amongst the blocks of the wave platform and cliffs.

  1. Oh what an exquisite place! The different shapes and variety is incredible enough, add to that the expanse. Lovely photos and post, Alastair.

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