Aberystwyth Framed

Aberystwyth framed

I like this shot of Aberystwyth framed by one of the structures on the beach – not the pier but another walkway that extends out into the waves. The variation of scale or perception of it is one of the most interesting things to me, with the heavy concrete pillars in the foreground and the buildings appearing almost like toys or models in front of the massive scale of the hill directly behind.

The secondary framing (in terms of the image) of the sea front buildings by the steep hill also helps to reveal some of the colour in the architecture which is further revealed in another of the closer shots below. There is an observatory on top of that hill but it must be ineffective on a day like this.

As I returned to this end of the pebble strewn promenade I stood and enjoyed the waves pounding on the beach below with their mesmerising sound – a soundscape for the walk will be posted tomorrow.


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