Seat with an Evening View

It was very cold (for Wales) on this Winter afternoon walk and I didn’t sit on this perfectly placed seat, but I did enjoy the last of the light. I know I posted shots of this sky at a slightly earlier stage of its cycle yesterday, so please excuse me, but I could not resist posting again as the light faded and the colours deepened.

I met my friend David Wibberly – Photographer just after taking these photos and he was commenting on the bad light for photography. I explained that as my intention is to try to present what you would see and hear on a walk, whenever it is taken, the issue of light is something I just have to deal with.

Penclawdd seat

As a rule for holiday snap shots of family, you are generally not recommended to take photos looking into the light, but if the intention is to show what it is like to look into the light, then go ahead and take your photo. Without filters it is likely to have some pretty dazzling effect on the image taken – but if you try just looking into the light on a bright day, you will find you are dazzled whether looking through a camera or not! WARNING: Never look directly into the sun, whether through a camera or not.

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