Sitting on the Fence

My walk around Lower Lliw Reservoir in the Lliw Valley north of Swansea was indeed an unusually snowy one. The snow sat on the fence and though it melted slightly throughout the day, not so much that there was any less than you see below at there end of my walk.

The sound clip below, from my field recording for the walk, reveals the unique sound of my (few) footsteps in the snow as it was at the time of starting the walk. Even though there was not an appreciable difference in the state of thaw at the end of the walk, I would be willing to bet that had i recorded my footsteps in the same place on the footpath a second time, it would have sounded different. It is surprising just how much difference the state of the snow makes to the sounds that it makes underfoot or indeed the surrounding environment.

snow on fence

Starting Out

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  1. Lovely images, but that today I haven’t time to listen to the walk. I love the one of the snow sitting on the barbed wire, still fresh looking.

    • If, as they say, the Inuits have fifty words for snow, I would say there are undoubtedly fifty sounds for snow as well. Thanks very much 🙂

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