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Still Travelling but Walking in Circles

Still in York on my walk this week I found myself getting lost! I wasn’t actually lost in that I knew where I was, but I could not find the place I was looking for. I was full of a rotten cold and blame this for being unable to read the sat nav map I tried using on my phone to navigate on my walk to the required shop. I started out from the car park at Clifford’s Tower and passed by St. Mary’s church but then ended up going round and round in circles in the intricate layout of small central streets and passages.

St Mary's York

I did a better job of finding my way to meet my niece and walk with her back to my parents’ house. While waiting I found the these gates of interest and took a couple of shots on my phone of their twig and branch-like design, and then extended this to photos of some of the natural details of the trees referenced by the gates. I asked my niece what she had done that day and as expected, the answer was – “Nothing”! – and she remained in own little world bubble.

There is a monochrome version of the crusty tree bark shot in perspective on Leanne Cole’s photography blog post Monochrome Madness MM 197.

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  1. York is a beautiful city. I hope you found where you wanted to go in the end. I love your photographs, but come back when the daffodils are out, the cityscape is transformed.

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