Summer Walk in Scotland

These images are from the StillWalk “Flora and Fauna Walk” which is another walk from Galloway in South West Scotland. These are obviously three examples of the fauna.

In fact there is more than just birds and butterflies in the video but I wasn’t able to photograph some of the fauna we have seen there such as the deer on the beach or the red squirrel in the woods or the fox cubs playing on the beach in the moonlight at 3 AM . . . or the rabbits or stoats or voles . . . .


Butterfly – Painted Lady





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  1. Wonderful shots Alastair. I really like the first one because of the fact that it is a butterfly, but I really like the second because of the reflection. They are awesome. The blackbird is very criso as well.

    • Thanks very much. I thought they were a bit dark when looking at them on my ageing laptop screen but decided to trust my original decision which was made on my iMac. It is out of action at the mo, needs a new graphics card – very frustrating.

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