Swiss Valley Water – Reviewing the Walk

My walk this week up to Swiss Valley Reservoir was a very wet one, but also a very enjoyable one despite the amount of water (except for the fact that my umbrella kept collapsing on me!).

Please note:  I need to let you know  that my weekly posts are going to change slightly – from here on there will be no post on Saturday. I am cutting My Weekly Walk posts to Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the soundscape for the walks being posted on the Friday. Further cuts may be necessary in the future.

Swiss Valley Reservoir

I took the walk later in the day than expected and in combination with the wet weather, this meant it was another walk that started out dark and became darker and darker as I followed the riverside footpath up the ravine.  By the time I reached the reservoir (not very far) the scene was as you see it in the image above.

With my camera set to an ever increasing iso figure but protected by my annoying umbrella, I tried to capture the essence of the place with the rushing water of the Afon (River) Lliedi as it splashed and glooped beside me (no, that’s not a typo – listen to the soundscape below to hear the gloops). The sounds of the walk also include the incessant fall of raindrops on the umbrella, but from my point of view (or hearing), that was a distinct part of the soundscape.

As annoying as the umbrella was as it kept collapsing on me, it was also useful in keeping me and my kit dry. There was so much water on this walk that I did not stop on my way back down the valley to take photos or do any field recording because I was racing against the rising river, flooding footpath and failing light.

Swiss Valley Soundscape

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