Tree Ghoul in the Gloom

The darkness of my walk this week in the rain provided me with a creepy atmosphere from time to time. This tree was one of those  presenting itself as a ghoul in the gloom of the woodland as I climbed the footpath to Swiss Valley Reservoir.

Tree Ghoul in the Gloom

Even the more open areas of the valley floor were gloomy and what light there was created and aged effect on the subtly coloured branches of an orchard.

Climbing further up the ravine, the water never stopped – there seemed to be more and more of it flowing, crashing, tumbling, splashing, all cascading down to the quickly expanding river.

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  1. “The wood is full of shining eyes,
    The wood is full of creeping feet,
    The wood is full of tiny cries;
    You must not go to the wood at night!”
    –Henry Treece (poem The Magic Wood)

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