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My Walk this Week – Reflecting On The Canal

My walk this week is along a section of the Tennant Canal on the eastern edge of Swansea. I have walked along this footpath on a few occasions, the last time being a couple of years ago and  the conditions now are similar to what they were then.


Similar conditions does not mean I have taken the same photographs as last time, although the swans are still there and one posed perfectly for me while the other slept. Continue reading

My Walk this Week – Winter Frost and Sunshine

My walk this week is one with winter frost and sunshine in abundance – it was very enjoyable. I did not have the inclination to climb on this particular morning and so took to the local park and from there headed down to the river. The tide was not high and there was little or no wind so the river Loughor and its marshy estuary were still and bright.

River Loughor and swan

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Stepping Down for an Overflow Drink

Walking along the southern end of Roath Park lake on my walk this week, I wonder if there is a particular attraction to this duck of the water falling down the lake’s overflow. Does it taste better than that in the lake itself? Perhaps it has a need for extra oxygen – who knows? It’s probably just a whim.

taking a drink


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Swans in the Night Lights

Many of the birds on Hemlington Lake were roosting during my night time walk around its perimeter. Some however, like this swan, thought there might be some food on offer. Unfortunately for him the best I could do was to take his photograph in the wan light of a distant street lamp.

It was darker than I had expected on this night walk. Being a suburban lake I thought there would be more ambient light from the city. It seems the lake and its surrounding grass and trees provide something of an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape – just as intended.

The second image in this short sequence shows the fenced off outlet in the lake that featured in one of last week’s posts – you can just see it in the dark

Swan in the night light

Swan, Lake

The subtle colours of the late afternoon sunset reflected in the water of this urban lake in Middlesbrough accompanied by the slow, calm meanderings of the swan and its reflection belie how cold it was at the time.

Earlier photos from this location showed the apparent confusion of some of the birds walking on water with the ice part melted just below the surface. The sunny day had caused this part thaw, but as the sun dipped below the horizon the low temperatures returned rapidly.

sunset swan


Not Such an Ugly Town

from Suburban Lakeside Walk - Middlesbrough

from Suburban Lakeside Walk - Middlesbrough

Suburban Lakeside Walk – Yesterday I uploaded a new StillWalk to Winter Walks. It is from Middlesbrough, one of those places that only ever get bad press and gets into those Ugly Towns books and programmes every time. The result is an undeserved bad and sad reputation.

There are, however, many aspects to Middlesbrough that defy this reputation. The StillWalk produced here, is, as described in the title, a suburban walk, but I have plans to go back and produce at least one more of the town itself. The images below will help to explain why.

Middlesbrough and Claes Oldenburg's "Notes"

Middlesbrough and Claes Oldenburg's "Notes"

Middlesbrough Town Hall

Middlesbrough Town Hall from MIMA

MIMA - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

MIMA - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art


Inside MIMA

MIMA – Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art is one of the places I visited over the New Year. There was a great exhibition of South American Drawing and, in particular, I liked Brigida Baltar’s work. I am definitely going to go and see the Sean Scully show when I am next there.

Brigida Baltar

Brigida Baltar's work in the South American Drawing exhibition

Full Screen Samples – The StillWalks on the website are sample length only, but remember always to watch these in full screen mode. If you would like to see more, you can buy it for just £1.99 or, if you haven’t already signed up to the website, do it now and get the StillWalk FREE.

Here is one more image from the Suburban Lakeside Walk – the location of which is here.

Hemlington Swan

Hemlington Swan