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My Walk this Week – Reflecting On The Canal

My walk this week is along a section of the Tennant Canal on the eastern edge of Swansea. I have walked along this footpath on a few occasions, the last time being a couple of years ago and  the conditions now are similar to what they were then.


Similar conditions does not mean I have taken the same photographs as last time, although the swans are still there and one posed perfectly for me while the other slept.

The canal, as canals do, runs past industrial sites as well as more natural woodland and marshes and these also include the rusty remains of old  industrial constructions. In particular I liked the design of an old green but rusting metal fence rising out of the brambles and bracken in the woodland and designed to be secure but now looking quite leaf or grass-like with the tops of the uprights bending over as though wilting or being blown in the wind.

I also liked the pattern of gas tanks sat all in a row, and the arrangement of heavy rust on metal mesh protecting an old pumping device. So despite, or even because of the man-made industrial element of the landscape here, the Tennant Canal and its parallel towpath is a beautiful place for a walk and even though the aural experience includes the sounds of motorway traffic and industrial activity, it too is no less interesting and enjoyable. My soundscape for the walk will be posted on Saturday as usual.

The monochrome image of the riveted railway bridge can also be seen in Leanne Coles Photography blog post Monochrome Madness – MM 4-30

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