Telling the Story

These are two examples of images I would be unlikely to use – except for one reason. They might form a necessary part of the bigger picture, the image sequence that tells the story of a StillWalk.

An image will tell a story in its own right but as part of a sequence with the intention of taking the viewer from one place to another, both visually and aurally, a StillWalk video needs sometimes to have those joining words or conjunctions that help show progression along the route.

Why would I not use these particular images? There is nothing wrong with the quality of the original images and I have no objection to traffic in an image, particularly in town. However, for some reason the car in this photograph annoys me. Is it because it is the only one or because it is a taxi (no offence to taxi drivers intended)? Maybe it’s because there are no people in the scene?

I like the structure of the shot with the bollards on the left and the wall and railing uprights on the right, the shadow of the balcony on the right and the progression from modern to older architecture on the left. I like the way the spire in the background divides up the sky and the colour is correct for the time of day / year and weather . . . but for some reason I don’t like the car!

All comments are welcome about this.



I don’t like the crop in the image below. The original needed straightening and in doing so I have lost the point of the weather vane and the chimney which both fitted neatly into the original frame – frustrating.



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