Tunnelling Our Way Out – Reviewing the Walk

Cultivated natural tunnel

At the end of my walk this week at Llyn Llech Owain country park in Carmarthenshire we exited on the same route we had entered the park and “tunnelled’ our way out. This is not a requirement of the place as there are many different routes around the lake and woodland to choose from.

There is something about tunnels whether natural or man made that both attracts us and makes us curious. Where does it go to? What is out the other side? How do things change when inside them?

This particular tunnel comes out at the adventure playground next to the car park but it is the end of the day and the place is empty with the last family leaving.

Llyn Llech Owain Soundscape

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  1. I completely enjoyed this walk in Llyn Llech Owain park, Alastair. The tunnels, the creaky gate and footsteps, the lovely robin and numerous other trilling bird songs. Your photos of the path bring us sweetly along, the birds and grass blade, pussy willow, grass reflections, and my favorite, the singing robin. Thank you so much, my friend~~

    • Thanks Jet. I’m very pleased you enjoyed the walk again. The robin is a big favourite with everyone here and was even voted as the national bird (unofficially). It is a pair of blackbirds I have been watching every morning outside my studio – lovemaking on the wall each day!

    • Thanks Aidy. The mossy figures in the forest are great and we all commented on them (it was a family walk). The tunnel image needed some photoshopping to remove a figure that didn’t want to be included! I did the best I could with a difficult job.

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