My Walk this Week – Waterside Woodland

The Waterside-Felindre Woodland

My walk this week is another waterside woodland walk. More specifically, this walk was one with a different purpose to my usual health and wellbeing and observation walks. Visual and aural observation was certainly a part of it as I was looking for potential natural material for a weaving frame. The woodland in question is at The Waterside-Felindre, a place I have presented on this blog on a few occasions, though I hope always in a different way or showing different aspects of the place.

The weaving frame I was building was for the BBC’s Get Creative weekend and as part of that activity, the normal #FirstFriday event with Collective Headspace at The Waterside-Felindre was extended and people were invited to join in the activities which included imaginative trails around the valley, poetry, music, drawing, weaving and of course conversation.

So my walk to explore and collect materials took me to the end of the valley where the Nant Ddu flows down to the lake. Here I found a tree had been felled and some withies left (for weaving) – an old ivy creeper was also begging to be used for the same purpose and so I logged it in my memory with the intention to return later once I had the frame built. From there I climbed into the woods, but more about that on Wednesday.

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