River's edge

Upside Down – Reviewing the Walk

A well known trick that artists (and others) use to help them see things afresh, is to turn their work upside down.

River Reflection

The reflection in the river is already upside down – so what does it look like turned around? Check out the last image below to see a weird take on this image.

On a bright, still sunny summer’s day the marshes can be very peaceful in spite of the traffic on the motorway. Mostly that is the case on the occasion of this walk, though as I approached the bend in the river closest to the road, the volume of sound from the fast traffic did go up a bit. I find the traffic sound an interesting part of the soundscape but more often tend to focus on the sounds of the birds, the flowing water and the gates.

Summer Marsh Walk Soundscape

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    • Thanks Barbara. Reflecting (turning upside down) the reflection image has a weird effect though, don’t you think – as you say, fascinating!

  1. I’m enjoying the mix of nature and man in the sound and photos ūüôā
    It’s a cohabitation that sometimes is subtle, other times less so, but that is always present.

    That upside down photo is fascinating. I love how it almost look normal until you start paying attention to it.

    • Thanks Allysse I find it interesting that it is an aspect of nature (atmospheric conditions, etc.) that largely influences how I hear, or how much I hear the sounds of the motorway when I am out on a walk – amount of moisture in the air and/or on the ground, wind strength and direction, pressure and everything else I guess. Glad you liked me including the upside down image – it has a strange effect doesn’t it.

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