River Loughor

Down By the Riverside

The salt marshes edge the River Loughor as it flows out to the estuary. The footpath down by the riverside is more open now than it was just two or three years ago.

Marsh fence

The tall marsh grasses and reeds are no longer there to the extent they used to be as a result of erosion and the trampling of cows. I’m pleased to say that the cows are no longer allowed on this part of the marsh but the river and tidal erosion is not likely to give the reeds a chance to grow back on the riverbanks.

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  1. I’m surprised cattle were ever allowed onto the marshes. In the 70s and 80s I only ever remember sheep and wild horses grazing there, but then I was only really familiar with the area around Llanrhidian.

    • Llanrhidian is significantly further up the Loughor Estuary/Burry Inlet which may be relevant but there is no one but the farmer here that is happy about the situation. Part of the area has now been fenced off but I wish they were not there at all considering the damage they do and occasionally the intimidation from them!

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