Moss and Ferns

My Walk this Week – Project Recce Walk, Bishopston Valley

My walk this week follows one of the routes we will be taking on a schools project this Autumn. A recce had to be made and a risk assessment done and in Bishopston Valley on the South Gower coast there are plenty of risks, particularly when it has been wet.

mossy rocky terrain

But nothing ventured, nothing gained and the young 13 and 14 year olds we will be taking along this exciting footpath will hopefully enjoy the challenge. They will certainly need to look carefully where they are going, not only to be sure-footed but also to record the sights and sounds around them – the details of pattern, texture and colour in both the visual and aural environment. Most importantly we hope they will enjoy the experience.

Bishopston Valley is a walk I had not done until now and it was quite a revelation with a strong sense of the ancient – not just in the trees and and plants, the profusion of thick moss, but also in the ground underfoot. It almost felt like a set from Jurassic Park, and Guzzle Hole, where the underground stretch of the river briefly appears in the darkness of the cave before emerging again further down the valley, only added to the sense of timelessness. I look forward to my next visit.

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