Walking Through the Seasons

The fact that every year we see similar sights in Autumn (or any other season) to the ones we saw the previous year does not make them any less enjoyable. In fact we look forward to the sights that different seasons bring with them – colours, textures and patterns. The fact that we can feel continually in awe of the same things happening again and again is perhaps an essential survival mechanism.

The changes we see, feel and benefit from repeatedly as the seasons go by, are most noticeable in the natural world. This suggests how important it is to have that world an integral part of our urban landscape and planning and to have footpath access to open countryside.

Whether it be in a city park, a country lane, open hills or simply a tree lined street, walking with awareness of the natural elements of the local environment is something I could not do without.

country lane

Cefn Drum-10

Autumn leaves

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  1. Well said 🙂
    Ever since I’ve started to go out more, I’ve began to really notice the turns of the seasons and became attuned to the weather in a way I wasn’t before. It makes me feel more connected with our world and makes me happier too.

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